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AxAi Token

Inicio del proyecto: 31/01/2019

Fondos Solicitados: 600000 €

Web oficial:
not yet

Resumen del proyecto

Hello to All Axai Stakeholders, Here this’s Eric, Founder of Axai Token. I would like to give you some information regarding Axai, so read and analyse carefully, it may be very helpful to indirect clients or traders. So it’s our duty to keep you updated time to time. Greece law: And more to follow. If cryptocurrency/ICO transactions or mining activity is characterized as business activity or capital gains then such business income would be taxed at 29% in case of companies. In case of individuals’ capital gains would be taxed at 15% and business activity including cryptocurrency/ICO transactions or mining activity would be taxed according to a graduated tax scale provided by the law (22% - 45%). Currently, Cyprus does not tax cryptocurrencies either. This looks to be coming on a global scale. Our goals are clear Tax free by holding Axai you benefit from no taxes well 5% compare to what is stated above.  Since Sep 13, 2018 what we have achieved is below: As of now approx. ~11.28% of total Axai token supply is in circulation (out of 290m Axai) which has been redeemed and accumulated on almost 3,437 unique Waves addresses (At the time of writing this article). This is just a progress of almost 2 ½ months. More to come . And for information trading of Axai is already in action on waves DEX in pair of Axai/Waves and soon it will be started in other multiple pairs. We are not going to stop here, In the near future we are also going to pair Axai with other famous crypto coins and  tokens, yet I think it’s slow but progressing, our promotion of token is also booming in market, soon we may get listed on various famous exchanges once their formalities of voting process will be completed by you Axai holders So be in touch. You are most welcome to join our below social channels to ask questions and quires. Axai from the  start wants to be approved from Financial services so we have already applied an application to get the a licence from FSC, maximum information was provided to get licence approved. “So keep hold your Axai for your better future, it’s not a financial advice to buy”. As of now Axai is going through the first stage, The Airdrop is open for public from the 10th October, 2018 and it will be closed on 30th December, 2018. So already have very less time is available for closing. Interested parties can goto waves DEX platform and may get some Axai from there. Enjoy your day, Thankyou! Eric Dr Below are our some achievements and the last 2 months: Social Links: Free Faucet link: https://h2ox.io/U_ZXGUYKAUETI5JA https://h2ox.io/AxAi-faucet Coinswitch: https://coinswitch.co/?ref=XB0QBOL2V6 Trybe: http://trybe.one/ref/11043/ Ethemium: https://ethermium.com/a/0x4772587976e89f59172EfE101148dE2242EA9521 Aiodex Exchange: https://aiodex.com/vote/coin/5bba81af7dd70b3ad3d96dc4 Nanu Exchange: https://nanu.exchange/voting

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